Bibibop is Back!

On May 12, the Bibibop Asian Grill located in Pinecrest reopened its doors for carry-out following closure due to the ‘Rona (Coronavirus). It had become one of my daughter’s favorite eateries, and I was a huge fan as well. Bibibop is Korean street food, and the restaurant is structured in much the same way as its counterpart, Chipotle. The flavors are completely different though, so don’t think this is a Bibibop vs. Chipotle situation. Since it is relatively new to the area I haven’t yet developed a “usual”. There are so many combinations that you can make that I know that it will be a while before that happens. But we’re not going anywhere – literally – so we have plenty of time to savor all they have to offer. That is, until the 2nd ‘Rona wave hits.

Now I know that the “responsible” thing to do is to stay home and cook. However, we didn’t, and we sometimes (not often) will indulge in someone else’s comida. We have our go-to’s and Bibibop is one of them. Always will be. We take all precautions when we go out, but the takeout containers will periodically grace my dinner table and its contents devoured by those inside.

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