Turning 41

I had not initially planned to write a post about my 41st birthday.  However, since so much happened this year I felt compelled to, some of which you already know about.  This was definitely a year of trials, discovery, and experiencing damn near every single emotion a person can possibly feel.  Some things were within my control, and some things were not. 

My 40th year revolved around three (3) major things happening: COVID-19, gallbladder disease, and the ending of a relationship.  In all honesty, I try not to dwell on COVD that much because I was not affected by it financially as many hundreds of thousands around the world were, so I feel guilty complaining about annoyances and inconveniences.  I will say though that it was difficult when it came to scheduling doctor appointments, as well as being cooped up 24/7 with my daughter.  I mean, I adore the little meatball, but being with anyone for that long is bound to drive you crazy.  I tried to patronize local businesses as much as I could, as they were the companies most affected by COVID in my opinion.  The food shortages did not really bother me.  They were inconvenient, but having lived in a third world country makes you take stuff like that in stride.  There’s no toilet paper?  Use Kleenex, paper towels, or a wet rag.  They are out of chicken?  Eat a different animal.

Since I wrote about it already, I will not bore you again with what I went through with gallbladder disease.  It definitely affects my everyday life, but mainly in terms of what I can and cannot eat, and the consequences if I don’t or do.  There is a current issue that I will not address until I have more information.  For now, it is enough to say that I can function fine on a day-to-day basis despite it.

In terms of my relationship, it ended.  Relationships begin and relationships end.  There was nothing dramatic about it.  It was simply two people who wanted the same things at different times.  No one cheated.  No one was an a**hole.  It was an amicable separation and we remain friends to this day.  Did I see it coming?  Yes.  Who ended it?  Me.  Do I hate him?  No.  Would I ever go back with him?  Nope.  When I am done with a relationship or situationship, I’m done.  Period.  I had been thinking about it for a long time, and I promised myself that if I ended it then it would be for good, not temporary.  He is a good person and I’m sure he will find happiness with an incredible woman in due course.  It just won’t be with me, although I will remain his friend forever.

While all of this seems pretty negative, it really isn’t.  I mean, what the hell do you expect from people who have their birthdays during a worldwide pandemic, unicorns and daisies?  All things considered I think I got off easy.  My job wasn’t affected.  My kid isn’t a butthole, so being holed-up with her wasn’t terrible.  I’m the queen of “making do”, so the shortages didn’t bother me at all.  My gallbladder disease was very, very, very bad, but I got my surgery and am on the mend.  My relationship ended, but I’m far happier now and I know for a FACT that I was an amazing girlfriend (he agrees, hence not wanting the breakup), and I learned a lot about myself from the experience.  My daughter remains a fabulous young lady, and best of all, that a**hole 2020 finally ended and I can look forward to his friend, 2021.  In terms of being 41, who knows what will happen.  I have a few things planned (see the next blog post which will go up right after this one).  I’m aging well and not like milk in the desert sun.  I really don’t have too much to complain about, so this whole situation is not negative, just reflective.

Will I do a post for every birthday? No. I don’t see the need to. Heck, I only did this one because of everything I went through and the state of the world during that particular age. Don’t get me wrong, I will definitely be upping my posting game, just not specifically birthday related. So unless some ish happens during my 41st year don’t plan on seeing a post about turning 42.

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