Living Stoned – UPDATE (Must read!)

After my gallbladder surgery on September 28 I was doing better.  However, around December I started to feel sick again.  Same symptoms as before with the nausea and vomiting.  This time however I also started to feel pain in two of my incision sites, the one by my navel and the one that is 1 inch beneath my breasts.  The two on the side never bother me.  I rode it out, thinking it was just part of the healing process, but eventually I decided to see my primary care physician.  She said that I should be better by now (back then), that she would prescribe some anti-nausea medication, and that we would keep an eye on it.  Fast forward a few months and I went back.  While the medicine was working I knew that there was no way for me to properly gauge whether or not the issue itself was resolved, so I periodically didn’t take it.  

REALLY?!?!  Nothing had changed!  To say I was pissed off and frustrated was a gross understatement. I went back to my PCP and that’s when she said that I would have to see a Gastroenterologist who, in my opinion, I should have been referred to in the first place, but whatever.  I went to him and he repeated the whole “It’s not normal” phrase that I had been hearing.  He scheduled an Endoscopy for a few weeks from that appointment.  I went to the hospital to take the COVID test a few days before the procedure (literally a few, as in 3).  It came out negative and I went in for the procedure.  It was a success (thank goodness).  There were no complications or anything with the procedure.  I got the results about a week later. I was diagnosed with Reactive Gastropathy, which is basically an inflammation of the stomach lining.  In my case it was caused by bile reflux since I have no gallbladder.  I was put on medication that will eventually fix the problem.  It’s a big pill (literally), and I have to time it just right since it has to be taken within a certain period of time before or after meals, and before or after medications, so that’s a pain in the ass, but other than that it’s fine.  No side effects or anything.  I’ve been on it a couple of days now and I can feel a difference.  I’m not completely cured yet, but I’m on the mend and that’s all I am asking for at this point.  

The biggest thing that bothers me about this is that I wasn’t warned about it.  The doctors and nurses acted like after I got my gallbladder removed I would heal 100% within a couple of weeks and just have to watch my fat intake.  That was far from the truth for me.  I’m sure a lot of cases were/are like that, however, there are a lot of people who don’t have it that easy, and I wish they had told me the truth, that there could be other side effects from no longer having a gallbladder, how long it could really take to heal, and that things like this could come up.  Had they properly informed me then I would have been better prepared to deal with it, particularly mentally.  This took a heavy toll on me in so many ways.  Had I known that this could happen I would not have waited so long to go see a doctor, and since I would have known that something like this could come up it would not have taken the mental and emotional toll that it did.  

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