About Me

Welcome to my site!

I started this blog because I wanted to share my life in the hopes that people will learn something from it.  Sometimes what we learn is not necessarily something that we learn to do, but rather something we learn not to do.  So much of what we read in blogs or view on Instagram shows the ideal life, with everything being perfect and leaving us with a highlighted view of the imperfections in our own lives.  How often have you seen someone write the comment “Goals!” or “#goals”?  I am guilty of this myself, so no judgement.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as we keep our perspective of what we are seeing very clear.  We must remember that we are seeing life clips, not their entire life, and very few people are going to write about the sad, bad, and messed up things going on in their lives.  They aim for positivity, not negativity.

I have learned that there is beauty in imperfections.  I do not have the ideal life and I am okay with that.  It has taken time, but I have learned to laugh at my mistakes as well as learn from them.  I am not some great beauty (I’m still demystifying the whole contour thing), I do not have the perfect house, and I am not the perfect parent.  Here you will find something different…the journey.  Everything that I post will not be perfect; you will see my perfections and my screw-ups.  I am in my late-30’s, but I believe that we are works in progress until the end, and I want you to come along  with me and see how I navigate this thing called life.

I hope you get something out of it, or else this will end up being something that I use as an improper substitution for the real therapy that I actually, definitely need.

Random Thought: Hey blog!  The word “positivity” is a real word, so you don’t need to put your ugly little red squiggly line under it.